My Smart Hands with Dawna

Sign Language classes for hearing babies and toddlers

Class Schedule



Date and time to be determined Mount Albert Sign & Sing – Mount Albert Community Centre (Must be a member at The Family Place to participate.)

Sunday, April 15 – May 20 – 10:00 – 11:00 – Group class at Happy Kids Child Care, 603 Church Street, Ajax (Email: to register.)

Description and cost (all prices are per person… no extra charge for siblings):

Level One – $120.00 plus $30.00 for the award winning manual & CD (necessary for the class): This is where you will learn the most commonly used everyday signs through fun songs and games. Each 1 hour session has fun-filled themes, including animal songs one week to different foods in another. The first week you will learn 55+ signs, including the 26 letters of the alphabet. Don’t worry though, you’ll also receive handy reminder tips on how to remember each of the signs. Level One has 8 lessons and classes will run for 4 consecutive weeks, combining 2 lessons in each week. The Level One manual is 68 pages of full colour pictures that clearly demonstrate the signs as well as the words to the songs we sing. Included in the manual is a 15 song CD to sing along to. (A digital download is also available upon request.) Level Two, Three and Four are available for those that wish to continue. Cost of the class will depend on how many choose to continue.

Private Groups available, $120.00 for 4-5 students, $115.00 for 6-7 students, $110.00 for 8+ students. (Manual and CD’s are $30 and are required for each family.) Anyone wishing to host these classes in their home will receive a set of Flashcards for FREE! Minimum of 4 participants necessary. (8+ students, everyone will get a set of their choice of either Everyday Flash Cards or Alphabet Flash Cards.)

Private One-On-One classes available. $180.00/4 weeks. Plus $30 for one manual and CD. Additional manuals and CD’s can be purchased for $30.00 each. E-mail me for details.

Educator Workshops: $75.00/hour – These workshops are designed to show child care providers, educators, and homeschooling parents how to use ASL with the children in their care. Workshop content and length are customized to the needs of each facility and staff. Participants will learn hundreds of signs along with simple, memorable ways to integrate sign language into each day. For homeschooling families, workshops can also be taught to both the parents and children at the same time (for this option, adjusted Level 1 pricing would apply). ASL is a valuable educational tool that can enhance lessons for children of any age. Ask me how! Cost: $75 per hour (two-hour minimum), plus manual fees.

Sign and Sing – $70.00 for 7, 30 minute classes held weekly : This is really more for fun and is usually held in a daycare or indoor playgroup type setting. You will learn handy everyday signs in this fun filled 1/2 hour session. There will be lots of singing and you’ll learn the signs to the key words in the songs. (e.g. The More We Get Together… you’ll learn “more” and “together”… as well as other key words within the same song.) There are 7 weeks of fun with this program. If requested, a digital file can be sent with the lesson of the week. The CD is also available for $15.00 and can be customized with your child’s name!

FLASHCARDS are available for $15 / set or $25.00 for both. These amazing cards are full colour gloss and are quite durable. There is a set for Everyday words and a set for the Alphabet and have pictures both front and back along with a description of how to do the sign. Each set comes complete with a ring for clipping to your stroller or purse to keep them at your fingertip for quick reference.

Come on out and let’s have some fun with signs! You will be amazed at how fast your baby will learn to communicate his/her wants and needs!

All classes must be paid in full 5 working days prior to the beginning of the first class, as all manuals and CD’s must be ordered and received before the class starts.

Contact Dawna to register or for more information.